Your Agent in the MED


As registered ship agent, member of FEDERAGENTI, Med Yacht Services can support you for the entire duration of your cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.

The deep knowledge of the local legislation in matter of custom, immigration formalities and coast guard rules will let you get legally in every Mediterranean country without even notice.

We can assist you with all arrival & departure formalities for pleasure and commercial yachts.

From VISA, customs and immigration procedures to medical assistance - MYS will take fast and efficient care of all inquiries your crew might have, in order to focus your time on the yacht and guests. MYS can also give you assistance in order to send or receive shipments worldwide, taking care of all the procedures connected to the Logistics and Forwarding regulation such as:

  • Importations
  • Exportations
  • Temporary transit
  • Temporary custody

Contact us for a free consultancy on your yacht and test our knowledge in these matters.