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« Mexico through its history »

With Pyrotecnia Reyes, go and discover Mexico and its colorful landscapes, volcanoes, historic streets, flowered alleys and canals, and don't forget its rivers, lakes, lagoons and its blue sea.
Mexico, is also pyramids and monuments which have shaped culture from north to south.
Mexico, is also music, with mariachi and its various instruments, its pre-hispanic and native sounds.
Mexico, is polka, its unique chili, its tequila and cocktails.
Mexico, through its history, is the reflection of a great, colourful and joyful cultural diversity.
Like France, Mexico has got back on its feet after facing many difficult periods in its history, thanks to courage and tenacity, values that characterise and unite the two peoples.
For the 14th of July, Pyrotecnia Reyes will pay tribute to its homeland and to France. It's a beautiful lesson about liberty, equality and fraternity.
Mexico, « this is my country ».