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Founded in 2003, luxury yacht builder Delta Powerboats is managed by a trio of Swedes: Principal Owner Lennart Alpstål, Senior Designer Lars Modin and Sales and Marketing Manager Karl Wessel.

The shipyard's mission statement is, “to be a leader in boat design, innovation and sustainability". Designed for operation in the islands as well as in freshwater lakes, Delta Powerboats are seaworthy and offer excellent fuel economy.
Swedish luxury yacht builder Delta Powerboats specialises in the design and manufacture of fibreglass and carbon-fibre composite production power boats.
Over the years, luxury yacht builder Delta Powerboats has developed ten boat models, including smaller models built in composite and the high-tech, carbon-fibre Delta 54 and Delta Yacht at the upper end of the range. Eight of these models are still in production today.
Luxury yacht builder Delta Powerboats now has sales representation in 14 countries around the world.
Based in Djurhamn, Sweden, luxury yacht builder Delta Powerboats manufactures high-style fibreglass and carbon-fibre boats ranging from 7.5 to 25.88 metres in length.
The company bills itself “Scandinavia's fastest-growing motor boat brand".