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iguana's commuter amphibious yacht

The french shipyard iguana reveals a new model to its range of amphibious yachts, the 9.2 meter 'commuter'.

This luxurious water vehicle features a touchscreen helm, shock-resistant seats, and a hardtop that can raise to allow air in over the windshield, or drops to seal up the cockpit. The deep-v hull is designed for rough-water running, delivering a top speed of 40 knots with twin outboards.
The pièce de résistance of iguana's transformer boat is a deployable tank-like powertrain that drops from the hull side at the push of a button, turning the yacht into an amphibious vehicle that can drive on beaches and over land for some little adventurers, the 'commuter' can also be used on desert islands. the powertrain is constructed of marine-grade aluminium, carbon fibre, and stainless-steel component.
Iguana wants to ensure that owners can personalize the 'commuters' with a raft of materials and fabrics, with exclusive hull colours they can also choose between two versions. the vessel has six forward-facing seats with shock resistance and memory foam for comfort in rough water. the 'sport' model is built for pure recreation, featuring convertible cockpit lounges, a sunbed, a small cabin, and a sliding fridge for dining.