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KNOW THE RULES #2: The 10 Schengen Commandments for Crew

As the Mediterranean season
starts to warm up, Schengen visas have become a hot topic among yacht
management and non-EU crew. The industry at large remains surprisingly
misinformed on the solutions available to yacht crew, with much debate
around the paperwork required and apparent hassle of having non-EU crew
on board.

The question, it turns out, is not whether yacht agents can help
superyacht captains secure visas for their far-flung crewmembers, but
how the captains ever survived without them. While applying for visas
for a yacht's crew traditionally is the captain's responsibility, the
increasingly strict immigration regulations in ports around the world,
combined with the growing number of countries represented within the
crew pool, add up to a time-consuming conundrum.

With the right advice and some careful planning, Schengen visas can
be relatively simple to understand and manage, let's start with The 10 Schengen Commandments for Crew:

1. To get on the right visas will take time and cost money. Get used to it

2. Always get a second opinion on your plan of action

3. Get a Seaman's Book

4. To be safe, make sure you are 'stamped out' of
Schengen territory by a shipping agent or the yacht's captain/purser at
immigration if you are on an a short-stay (Type C) visa

5. Never, ever overstay 90-days on land or your visa
expiry date without work on a yacht. This is applicable to seafarers on
short-stay (Type C) visas

6. Do not rely on your boat or your job to solve
your visa issues. Be on the right visas with or without the boat's
assistance Ask yourself: If I left the boat today, would my current
visas be sufficient and do I know what to do if they aren't?

7. Have a long-term view of your visa situation.
Cheap, short-cuts might solve the immediate problem but make it harder
later on when you reapply for different visas or consider settling
abroad. If you are planning a life in the Schengen Area, know what visas
will help you with renting/buying property, vehicle registration,
insurance, working ashore and so on

8. Never, ever submit fraudulent paperwork or boat
documentation to visa-issuing authorities or immigration officials. And
always make sure your management company, captain or purser is aware
that you plan to use the boat's documentation for your visa application

9. Make sure you will be in the clear when you reapply or renew your visas. Denied visas are costly to correct

10. Only take advice or listen to recommendations from people who have personally been down the same road

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24th to 27th April 2017 - MYBA SHOW IN BARCELONA

For the first time in history, Barcelona will host the MYBA Charter Show and will continue to do so for the next consecutive three years.

With recent easing of legislation on Spanish charters, Paul Cook, General Manager of OneOcean Port Vell said: "Barcelona is now a prominent superyacht destination with unrivalled marina facilities and infrastructure."
Opened at the end of 2014, Barcelona's new superyacht marina, OneOcean Port Vell, boasts 68 impressive berths ranging from 22m - 190m. It seems only fitting that such an accessible city should hold the largest European charter show.
Representing a prime opportunity to view and inspect the yachts, and meet the captains and crew, the professionals-only MYBA Charter Show attracts some of the world's leading professional charter brokers.

We 'll be there .. and you?


Palma Boat Show

Together with the MYBA, the Palma Superyacht Show offers a quality selection of yachts above 24 metres for sale and charter and has become an important event in the yachting calendar.

Perfectly timed before the summer season and taking in the 1st May public holiday, means that international visitors can enjoy a long weekend in sunny Palma, Majorca as well as see a stunning selection of yachts.

Running concurrently with Boat Show Palma in the heart of the city the show attracted over 36.000 visitors in 2015 and over 56 luxury vessels were available for sale or charter. 50% of these were sailing yachts making it a perfect balance to suit all clients' preferences.


Thank you! #FundsRaised at the Christmas Charity Cocktail 2015

Thank you so much to everyone who partecipated to our Christmas Charity Party and helped us raising funds to support Casa Famiglia Pollicino!
With your donations we managed to purchase for the association this I Robot - automatic hoover, which allows all the kids living in the "Family House" to enjoy a clean and protected space!!

This would have not been possible without you!!!
Thank you to everyone for donating!!!!



MYBA Charter show is one of the most important event in the Med , dedicated to superyacht charter activity.
This Exhibition provides a luxury offer of the world's most sophisticated yacht ( ranging from 24 m to 70 + m ) , charter / brokerage companies and registered ship agencies. The show takes place from April 27th to 30th in Genoa, precisely in the area called Porto Antico; Every year it attracts an increasing number of yachts, owners, agents, brokers and all those companies having an activity related to the yachting world, making this event one of the most appealing for who is interested in this sector.
MYBA Charter Show offers a suggestive activity schedule :
- Superyacht Chef's Competition
- Captain's Welcome Cocktail
- Charter Seminar
- Itineraries and regulations for cruising in Spain
- Marina Molo Vecchio night
- ISS Seminar
- Crew party

Med Yacht Services is waiting for you at this important show… See you in Genoa!