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Med Yacht Services srl, informally known as MYS, was founded in 2006 thanks to the experience of the Managing Director Riccardo Ciani.

Built with the mission to offer basics services to the Yachts cruising the Ligurian Area, MYS has developed and has become one of the most reliable yacht agent in the Mediterranean Sea.

In the years Med Yacht Services name has become synonymous with expertise, market knowledge, excellence and effortless performance, characteristics that are still echoed in the company's core values today.

MYS is now very appreciate for its way of work from yacht management, private owners, Captains, crew and guests cruising.
MYS successful is achieved with the staff experience in all service areas that ensures a professional complete service, accessing the best in the industry and giving its customers tailored advice and support, whatever their requirements.

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Montecarlo, Capri, St Tropez, Porto Cervo
some of the most exclusive destinations of your charter.


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As registered ship agent, member of FEDERAGENTI, Med Yacht Services can support you for the entire duration of your cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.